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Battle Light Cones

Boys Night Out: Spring into Space

Take on the Battle Light Cones as you and an opponent race against the clock! One person is Team Red, the other is Team Green. The object of this Hi-Tech, fast-paced game is to try to amass as many points as the clock  winds down. During the duration of the game, ten (10) LED sensors with intense sound effects surround you and your opponent! Participants must tap their color as fast as possible to accumulate the most points to win the game. Be careful, though, as the LED sensor could change to your opponents color! Points are continuously tallied on the provided wireless scoreboard. Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this an addictive high energy game for everyone! Spread out the cones and create your own playing field.

Boom Blaster

Attach a balloon to each Boom Tower and pump, pump, pump… keep pumping… BOOM!!! The contestant to pop their balloon first wins. 

Giant Twister

Here’s a childhood favorite with an even bigger twist. The game mat is now 400 square feet of twisting fun. Intertwine and compete with your friends for the best spot. Up to 20 players can play at a time.


RULES: Remove one block from any row below the highest completed story and stack the block on top perpendicular to the story below.  You are allowed to tap blocks to find a loose one for removal, but if you move one that you don’t intend to remove, you must put it back before removing another.  Always complete each story with 3 blocks, before starting a new story.



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